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Tomkas 5in1 Pet Grooming Kit for Dog & Cat, Blue
Tomkas 5in1 Pet Grooming Kit for Dog & Cat, Blue
category: Pet Care


  • TOMKAS Metal dog combs for grooming remove loose hair,mats,tangles and dog deshedding undercoat.The pins of fur brush for dogs are blunt and attached to air cushion that are friendly to pet's skin.The touch is soft and gentle and used as a puppy brush for small dogs.The gentle touch gives a smomthing massage for pets and make them feel at ease.It can be used as kitten brushes or cat fur brush or cepillo para perros gatos. It is a self cleaning slicker brush for dogs.
  • TOMKAS pet deshedding tool is mainly used to comb the floating hair on the surface and loose undercoat fur.Please comb the hair gently and slowly, and avoid pulling.Pet brushes for dogs shedding is a kind of deshedding brushes for german shepherd,australian shepherd,corgi.Deshedding rake is a kind of dog brushes for grooming large dogs with long hair and cat brushes for long haired cats.Deshedding brush short hair dog can be used as a slicker brush for small dogs.